Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old Stuff, Strudel and a Scorpion

One would think that I could post more consistently now that I am out of school for the summer! I have not yet shared some awesome things that I got at an estate sale. This is a Kromax Lazy Susan. I love it! The stainless base could also be used separately.
I just love its sparkle! The original box was also there!
I also found this wonderful stainless sugar and creamer set,
along with a glass hen.
I spent one whole day making strudels. I made four in all. I baked one and froze the rest to bake later.
My hubby took one of his weeks of vacation the first week of June. We didn't go anywhere, but I did manage to talk him into going to the mall and our newly opened T.J. Maxx. We each found some clothes. We also cleaned out our closet. These are bags destined for Goodwill. I've also done quite a bit of non-blogworthy cleaning! I attended a 2 day teacher training, and I nearly got stung by a scorpion for the 4th time in my bed. I was awakened as I felt something on my sleeve. Still half asleep, I instinctively moved to brush at my sleeve. Then I felt the familiar sensation of a scorpion. It didn't manage a direct sting, but it managed to brush my finger with venom. I sat up, yelling at my husband to turn on the light. Then, we couldn't find it, and I was afraid to even move. Finally, we spotted it on the sheet, so I slid out of bed. My husband grabbed the first shoes he saw, his Crocs, and attempted to smoosh it between them. Crocs are NOT effective scorpion smooshers. Then we couldn't find it AGAIN. We pulled back sheets, moved pillows, lifted dust ruffles and looked beneath furniture to no avail. All we found was an abundance of dust bunnies!  Finally, my husband said that HE wasn't getting back in that bed and was just going to get ready for work. I decided to vacuum the dust bunnies. While vacuuming, I found the scorpion, but I vacuumed it up before it registered in my brain! I should have taken out the bag and thrown it way, but I didn't want to waste a fresh bag. (SEBO bags are not cheap) The next evening, I was with family at the lake, when my husband texted to inform me that he had gotten into the shower to find a scorpion on the shower curtain. We decided that the scorpion had crawled out of the vacuum! I am still having trouble sleeping in my bed!
Y'all come back,


  1. i hate those devils! glad you didn't get stung!

  2. Love your treasures! Strudel sounds delicious - can't imagine making my own!

  3. Yikes! Scorpions are not my favorite things to sleep with. Love that shawl you crocheted. sp?
    Your strudel looks delish. Would you share the recipe? Mimi

  4. Hey Lori! Hate to hear about your Scorpion problem. My brother gets them in his house all the time. One fell on his bald head while he was in bed and he brushed at it and it landed on his arm and stung him! I've only had 2 in our house in 3 yrs, and both were in the bathtub. I've yet to be stung - knock on wood! Hope the problem doesn't persist! Take care, and go make those pickles! :)

  5. We've only had 2 out here in 8 years...until this summer. We're east of Austin in Taylor. We were told it was because we had such a severe drought last year. We were talking to our local feed store peeps about it and had read about putting borax down. They only had tablets left so we bought those, about $2 for a box of 55 or something like that. My dh ground them up in my Pampered Chef cheese grater...do you have one of those? He then took and sprinkled it all on the outside of house right against the base. The chickens don't bother with it. But we can't put it inside the house because of our cats. Try some of it. We haven't had a single scorpion since then.


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