Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden Show-Offs

This cheerful yellow flower is Skeletonleaf Goldeneye.

The Ming Porcelain daylily is about to bloom.

I think this is daylily is "Darius".

Yippee. A daisy is about to bloom. I have been wishing mine would bloom like Brenda's.

This daylily was supposed to be "Distant Galaxy", a pink ruffled flower, pictured below-NOT. I guess I shouldn't buy anymore daylilies from Wally World in dry root form. I will stick to Nurseries.

This is Hemerocallis "Chicago Orchid".


  1. Ummmm, okay.. well I can't compete with the last comment...
    Anyhoo... the flowers are gorgeous, Lorilee! The color of the daylilies are stunning!

  2. What beautiful flowers.
    I am having trouble with the rabbits eating on mine before they grow up to that. What can I do??

  3. Your daylillies are spectacular. For some reason, I never have any luck with them!

  4. Good Lord, what was that about? The prior comment! Oh well. I wanted to say I'm glad your daisies are about to bloom. You'll be so enamored of them! And I'm also glad someone knows the names of their flowers. I'm famous for listing the wrong one!

  5. Hi Lorilee,
    All of your flowers are beautiful. The lily you thought you were planting(pink one)is a very pretty one but the red one is equally as pretty. Just dazzeling! I have to keep all of my flowers inside my fenced area because the deer make a meal out of my daylilies! I would love to see your entire garden. Maybe you could post a few pics. Hugs, Loretta

  6. God's handiwork is amazing... and unmatched.

    I posted a gardening essay several days ago. You might enjoy it, if you have time to stop by.

  7. Beautiful flowers and those cute little peeps. The scones looked yummy! I love scones.


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