Monday, November 9, 2009

Cardinal Collection

I love cardinals. My Mom also loved cardinals. Not only do I have cardinals visiting my birdfeeders, but they are also IN my house! This is one of four of our Wegner prints. We also have the Goldfinches, Indigo Buntings and Ruby-throated Hummingbird prints.
My sister-in-law gave me this chirping cardinal.

This mug belonged to my Mother.
The Home Interior Cardinals belonged to my husband's grandmother.
My mother-in-law gave this mug to me.
The Andrea Cardinal also belonged to my husband's grandmother. She collected all kinds of bird figurines.
Cardinals in the small curio cabinet.
Another Cardinal that belonged to my husband's grandmother.
This little cardinal is a magnet that attaches to glass.
My sister-in-law also gave me this shelf-sitting cardinal.
I can alway find room for one more Cardinal!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I just love them too although I have never seen one! There are none that pass through here, ever~Hey I'm having a GIVE A WAY..Come say hi :D

  2. First, let me just say that I appreciate all the comments you have left on my blog. I feel so bad about not being able to leave any comments on yours. But for some reasom every time I go to your blog my computer freezes. I am looking at your blog while on my old computer. Otherwise, all I get to see our your toes in the heading of your blog and my computer frezzes. As a matter of fact today I was looking at a few of my favorite pictures for inspiration and one was of your glass tree, so pretty. Now, I will look at your older posts. I am going to look for some tounge depressers, I can not find any more jumbo craft sticks.
    By the way my Mom loves cardinals too. I already bought cardinal salt and pepper shakers for her for her birthday later this month.

  3. What a great collection. My oldest daughter collects cardinals too, although most of hers are ornaments.

  4. Oh I just love your cardinals! I love the shelf sitting one especially.

    I always always think of my mom when I see cardinals. Thanks for helping me remember my mom this morning. :-)

  5. What a beautiful collection, Lorilee- I especially love the shelf-sitter- he looks real! I love red birds, too... I put out sunflower seeds and have lots of them stopping by to eat this time of year.

  6. I always get so excited when I see a cardinal at my feeders. (Funny, because they're not really all that rare!) You have a beautiful collection. I see them at garage sales sometimes and think about starting one of my own.

  7. Hello Darl'in! Such a sweet collection! We don't have them in my neck of the woods but I have always loved them!


  8. Aaawwhhh! I love cardinals too. Afterall it is our state bird!! (Va) My aunt had a very impressive collection of cardinals that I always admired and begged her for!

    The only ones I have are the ones at my bird feeders!!

  9. Oh I forgot, I do have lots of cardinals that I put on my Christmas tree. Some ornaments and lots of different sizes that are stuffed that I place around in the tree.

  10. SURPRISE!!!

    My first comment:
    Love Your Cardinal Collection - Love the "One" that comes to visit even more !!! Mum


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