Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Hens!

My sweet girls love me so much, they always greet me at the gate. It can't be that they like to get food or get let out!
I found eggs in pretty shades!
I love my girls, and they love me!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Your chickens are so cute. Love the beautifully colored eggs they produce. I've never seen a cardinal in real life but it's something I want to see. We're hoping to go back to Illinois next spring and they say they have them there. Mimi

  2. Hey, glad to see you! I lost track of you somehow. I love your girls. Wish I had some. I love fresh eggs.

  3. So..whats your secret in letting them out? We stopped letting ours out because 1 or 2 would disappear, then i would worry about a preditor getting them at night. Do all of yours come back in? Julie

  4. Beautiful eggs! Our chickens have quit laying while they molt. I think we're down to 1 egg every 2 or so days! (For 14 hens!)

  5. yep, not just eggs...lovely eggs!!!

  6. Your hens are so pretty, Lorilee!! And yes, it is very easy to spoil them... give tham a treat or two and they'll come running next time they see you!


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