Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All My Chickens continued

Gottlieb is back to normal. This is what he looks like crowing. Lenny, the other roo, has a new home with my friend Martha!

Before he left, he shared some watermelon with Buffy!

Scarlett is really cleaning out the rind. I have been getting some small eggs. By the looks of her comb and wattle, she is mature enough to be laying. This evening, I had 2 small eggs and an almost white egg. My older girls (Holly, Blossom, and Lily) lay brown eggs. Buffy and Gretl's combs and wattles don't look "mature" enough to be laying. I'll have to try and watch them closely this weekend to solve the egg mystery!

Madeline and

Matilda have been promoted to sleeping in the coop with the big girls and the roo. I slip them in through the laying box door when it is pretty dark, and they are all settled for the night!
Next time.... Who is laying eggs?
Y'all Come Back,


  1. So glad to hear Gottlieb is back to his handsome self. Can't wait for the next "episode" ;)

  2. They must be so much fun to watch. Lots of intrigue in the hen house! Mimi

  3. Glad to hear that Gottlieb is feeling his self again.
    It must be great to be getting your own eggs. I am afraid of buying them in the stores now after the recall.
    It is scary what we can and can not eat.
    Thanks for sharing your girls with us.


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