Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"All My Chickens" the daytime drama continues.....

It has been awhile since I've posted about the chickens for which Cackleberry Cottage gets its name, So I thought I'd fill everyone in on the latest highs and lows of the chicken run. The south Texas heat makes for some hot chickens, actually hot everything! The flock spends the day panting!
They walk around with their beaks open and their wings held out!

Scarlett, the production red that I brought home in March, laid her first little egg!

I let them out into the garden one evening for a change of pace, but the "youngsters" (those brought home this spring) still didn't wander far from the run's gate. The 3 older girls, Holly, Lilly and Blossom were all over the yard! Gottlieb, the rooster above, is being ostracized. We went out one evening to find him alone, out of the coop with a bloody comb! He has stopped crowing, runs from the others and tries to fly to my shoulder like he did when he was a youngster first introduced to the mean big girls! I feel so badly for him. I've put an anti-pecking salve on his comb and head. I miss my proud boy!
I also brought home 2 new young Ameraucana poulets. They are settling in pretty well. I have a little space set up for them within the run so that the bigger chickens can't harrass them. Little Gretl (barred rock) is showing her mean side! She likes to chase them since she finally has someone lower in the pecking order than herself! I have named them Matilda and Madeline since the first Matilda and Madeline had to be re-named after we discovered they were roos. Matilda and Madeline were quite wild at first. They have become quite tame and run to me when they are afraid.They will sit on my lap happy to be stroked and cuddled. They spend the night in a large dog crate inside the barn. I place it in front of a window. (Sorry, no photos of them in this post)

Lenny, the other roo (above) should be going to a new home soon. I am hoping that will help bring Gottlieb out of his banished state. Gottlieb was always above Lenny in the pecking order, eventhough he was less assertive!
When we return....Will Gottlieb be accepted by the flock again? Will Gretl get over her jealousy? Who will lay the next egg? Join us for the next episode of "All My Chickens"!
Y'all Come Back!


  1. I just love that post. Maybe Gottlieb will be accepted & be top roos again.

  2. My goodness, the drama! Sounds like all kinds of "stories" are coming out of the henhouse, Lorilee!
    Gottlieb is a handsome fellow... hope he gets his mojo back! *giggle*

  3. It is amazing how segregated chickens can be! I have added 8 new ones in the henhouse this weekend on top of the new babies that were at the bottom of the totem pole! My Oh My!! The disturbance is amazing! I think that's where they get the term "Old Bitties" from!!!!

    It is hot up here too!!! Lots of panting!

  4. Poor Gotlieb. Hopefully all will be well when he's the only rooster in the hen house. A regular Peyton Place! Love your grandma's dishes, especially the hobnail. Mimi

  5. Oh Lorilee you had me "cackling" over this post! Poor Gotlieb. Hopefully he'll be his old self soon. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Great post. Your pictures are amazing. Who knew chickens could be involved in all that drama!

  7. Who knew there was so much drama in the chicken world?

    My brother has chickens. His drama is Racoons and foxes trying to get in his coops all of the time.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. There is drama even in the chicken world!
    I have enjoyed your post!


  10. Oh Lorilee, you made my morning! How did you know All My Children was my favorite soap? LOL I think now it's All My Chickens! (cackle, cackle) Keep up the good work.
    Take care and God Bless.

  11. Sounds like a soap opera! :)
    Thanks for the comment on the laundry room. A sliding door could have been an option if we were building, but we were trying to work with what we had for as cheap and little trouble as possible!


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