Monday, August 2, 2010

Leaving "the valley"

There are several of these little roadside stands along the highway leaving Harlingen heading north. As the sign indicates, they sale a variety of items!
Lots of colorful pottery,
unique chimineas,

and interesting metal sculpture. We came home with a watermelon and a piece of metalwork for the yard. I can't believe I haven't taken a photo of it yet. That will have to be another post!
It was my first time to have to stop at a Border Patrol Check Point! My husband has to stop everyday on his job.
We came home through Corpus Christi. We passed by a Barnes and Noble Book Store. Well, we didn't pass by, we stopped and spent several hours browsing! We ate dinner and then headed home. We had to stop to get a photo of the "Blue Ghost", the USS Lexington. I have toured her a couple of time. It is a great tour.
We arrived home around midnight! Our bed felt wonderful after a long enjoyable day!
Y'all Come Back,


  1. the pottery is painted beautifully.I love the designs & bold colors. And the Ghost Ship looks magnificent. There is a ship in Charleston "The Yorktown",we've toured it twice. You just don't comprehend how large those ships are until you walk one. They really do feel like a tiny city.

  2. Hi Lorilee :)

    It sounds like you had a great time!

    Ft. Jackson is where Alex graduated from! Thank you for your congratulations sweet friend :)


  3. I have loved being along for your trip! Thanks for the pictures.
    Bed always feels so good after being away.

  4. I remember touring a few Navy ships when I was in grade school. We have a Naval Base in Newport, RI but it is small compared to what it once was. I guess Newprot was something to see with all the men dressed in their white uniforms. The pottery is beautiful, I love the vibrant colors!

  5. Thank you for taking us on your trip.
    It sure looks like you got to see lots of beautiful places.
    Love the pottery.
    I would like to have one of those metal figures in my front yard.
    Have a great day.


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