Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Beach or Bust!

My 16-year-old decided he wanted to go to Port A. Of course, HE wanted to drive himself and his girlfriend in the jeep. NOT. Even with a GPS I wouldn't trust him not to get lost. Actually, I JUST wouldn't trust him! That frontal lobe is still lagging in development. SO, I took the two of them earlier this week.He had been there before, but he was too young to remember! I am more of a freshwater kinda girl! Give me the lake any day! (He is chasing a laughing gull-above)We were just down from the ship canal. I think it is neat the way the ship looks "beached"!

I told him not to toss a bread crust to the one gull that was hovering nearby, but he didn't listen. Within seconds they were surrounded by gulls!

AWWWW, young love!

They had to give sandcastle building a half-hearted try!

This was my "home" for the day! Not much shade there. Luckily, the seabreeze kept us cool.

My self-portrait. This is ALL I'll show in a bathing suit! haha

Heading home on the ferry, we saw a dolphin.

Good-bye sand, waves, gulls, ferries and Port Aransas.

Y'all Come Back,



  1. loved the SELF PORTRAIT!!! that's exactly something i'd do!

    i sure hope your sweet boy's girlfriend used sunscreen. God bless those red-heads!

  2. What a great mom. He will remember you did that for him for a long time. Wonderful photos of your day at the beach.

  3. They are a cute couple. LOL....I don't even remember what it feels like to wear a bikini. It's been so long ago.

  4. I love this post! I have a sixteen-year-old daughter that is in love and I can appreciate all of the lovely pictures. Too cute and yes. . .that frontal lobe is an issue.LOL


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