Friday, June 10, 2011

Kittys and a coyote

Little kitty wants SO badly to make friends with big kitty!

Big kitty does not share this sentiment!

Little kitty is persistent. That tail is SO tempting.

Oh, well. This ribbon will have to do.

This morning, as I was sitting on the patio giving kitty his milk, a coyote trotted by just outside the fence. I have never seen one that close to my house before.(photo from the internet. I didn't have a camera ready!)

Kitty update:

He weighed 11 oz. when he was found. He now weighs 17 oz. He has started eating the meat baby food. We tried canned kitten food, but he wouldn't touch it! When he is hungry, he follows me around mewing VERY loudly. He also tries to climb up my leg. He even uses the litter box!

Brian still calls him Bernard. I've thought of Gerber since he only wants baby food! I often just call him "Little Runt", or "Tubby".

I'm still having trouble with Blogger since my browser updated. I can't highlight text unless I use compatibility mode, but then the color button and font size button won't work.


  1. Oh Lorilee that little guy is just adorable with those blue eyes! We have coyote all the time. We can hear them howling in the evenings. Creepy! I have heard that a coyote's favorite food is cats! If you let yours out during the day keep an eye on them. Hugs

  2. SOO cute ! Love your photos ! Tubby is a cute name, I call our cat chunks lol her name is Harley , she has lots of nick names as does our dog Misty aka Miggy ! Hope big kitty accepts the little guy ! Have a great weekend !

  3. Kitty is just too cute.
    Coyote is just scary!!!

  4. Love those bright eyes! He sure is intelligent to have taken to the litter box so quickly.

    That coyote gives me chills.

  5. That is one sweet kitty. I bet she'll win the big cat over pretty soon.

    Blogger is just nutty these days -- I'm having trouble too!

  6. I'm hoping big kittie will chill out soon. It took mine awhile to get use to Lucky who I plucked out of the jaws of death from the middle of the interstate.


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