Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cats and Independence

The kitty has really grown since we got him. He is also VERY active. Taking good photos of him has become quite challenging. He moves too much for the low-lighting in my kitchen. I can even keep up with him using a flash!He likes to run in circles around the island with the dogs following.

He and the dogs have become wonderful playmates! The down side is that the kitty then has the odor of doggie breath about him!I just finished a set of napkins. I found the idea in Martha Stewart's Living magazine. You can also find the idea online. I googled "Martha Stewart's seersucker napkins" to find it. (Even using "compatibility mode" after updating my browser, I still can't change my font color or size or use the link button. Suggestions would be appreciated.) I couldn't find striped seersucker, but I also liked this design. I have been getting ready for Independence Day by putting out my Patriotic Pretties! I wish I could say that I made him, but I won him at Bunco!My feather tree is decked out in red, white and blue. They are glass and many have been broken through the years. I need to watch for Hobby Lobby to have the Patriotic stuff on sale!

I like this candle that was a gift.

I just finished this banner. I have more "pretties", but I haven't taken pictures of everything yet. I've been busy making salsa, mustang grape jelly, and re-arranging. We took my teenager's futon out of his room and moved the twin bed from my craft room into his room. Now I have tubs that WERE under the bed but no where to put them!

Y'all come back,



  1. i love kittens - and even better when they get along so famously with pups!

  2. We use to do a 4th of July party. Might eventually get back into doing them. Makes me have to clean the

    Happy 4th of July!

  3. Love all your r/w/b decor! Looks mighty festive!!! I barely managed to drag Uncle Sam out to the front porch this year. :(

    That is one cute kitten you have there.

  4. Cute Kitty!
    Love your napkins and decorations, Lorilee.. the banner is great!


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