Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer so far.

Now that summer is here and my mornings are not so rushed, I am eating cooked oatmeal instead of cold cereal for breakfast. I cook mine in milk, adding a dash of salt, sugar and cinnamon. Does anyone have any yummy suggestions?

The little kitty is growing. He has really stolen our hearts! I had a little basket for him to sleep in, but he has decided that climbing into bed with us is more to his liking!

If he is hungry, he lets me know. He follows me around, trying to climb up my leg and mewing loudly!

In between kitty feedings, I have been staying busy, I made a batch of Salsa with tomatoes from my Dad and Stepmom's garden.

I bought cranberries to try making cranberry preserves. I also made tomato preserves for my Dad for Father's Day. They are his favorite. (Cranberry on the left and Tomato on the right.) I take the lid rings off to store my preserves. The moisture that is trapped from the hot water bath will cause rusting if left on.

Y'all Come Back,



  1. that tiny kitten is just precious! glad its doing so well.

    have a great father's day with your dad...

  2. That's about the way we eat ours. Although I luv oatmeal, we seldom eat it. Sometimes, I add a little fruit.

    That kitty baby is so dang cute.

  3. I love the picture of Kitty at your feet! He looks like he's saying "pick me up!" LOL
    Your preserves and salsa look so yummy... and I love oatmeal too~ I put a little brown sugar in mine along with some raisins. *YUMMO*


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