Monday, January 9, 2012

 I had a mess in the house most of the day as I took down and packed up my Christmas stuff. I was working hard, but Samson was definitely taking it easy!
 He wasn't the least bit disturbed by all the packing and cleaning!
 Well, he did take a break from napping to inspect one of the tubs. He doesn't look pleased!
My Dad called as I was packing the last tub. We chatted for a little while and then hung up. I finished the tub, and my hubby helped me lift all the tubs and boxes into the attic. I AM still missing one old wine bottle and two brass deer that I stashed to make room for my "Little Drummer Boy" doll. We poured glasses of wine and sat down to relax on the sofa. Sweety then asked me where I put the cordless phone when I finished talking. Of course, I didn't remember. I had a horrible thought. What if it was in the tub I was packing when I was talking to my Dad. Then I had an idea. We'd just call our number from a cell phone and listen for the ring. We can go out into the garage to be able to hear it in that part of the attic. Well, hubby told me the ringer on the handset was not turned on. He then told me I'm going to need to back out the trailblazer, pull down the ladder and find the tub! UGH, I didn't want to do that. I started wandering around the house looking for it. I found a handset on our bed. It was the one the teenager was using before he left for work. The one I had been using had been on the charging cradle the whole time! BIG sigh of relief.
Y'all come back,


  1. Samson looks soooo cute. I love how his paws are crossed. I guess if you ever lose a phone you want to make sure the ringer is turned on:)

  2. I hate it when I hide stuff from myself.

    I just spent 2 days looking for the earbuds to my ipod shuffle.

    Finally found them.

  3. I love your cat! I have 3 sound asleep on my bed currently!

    So happy you did not have to search in the attic for the phone!

  4. and at least you didn't pack the cat!!! i just want to rub that big tummy of his!

  5. I'm so glad you found your phone! It is a lot of work packing everything up after Christmas!


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