Friday, January 27, 2012

"Slogger" style

 I stopped in at our local TSC (Tractor Supply Store) for some laying crumbles the other day. Look what I found. Gardening ankle boots! In LIME green!
Check them out at Mine are the Sloggers Garden Trekker Boots. I paid about 1/2 the price on the website. I'm hoping they will keep the dirt out when I till the garden!
Y'all come back,


  1. Cool ! Will have to check it out ! have a good day !

  2. They are so cute. Perfect for slogging around in the mud/dirt. Might have to check out my local TSC get me a pair.

  3. Great garden boots! Let us know how well they work.

    I meant to tell you I was astounded that you had also had a hawk fly into your window, and that it was killed. That is so sad! I would have been horrified if the impact had killed our hawk. I am sure he was chasing a bird, otherwise he wouldn't have flown toward the house. He's a juvenile, I think. Also, you mention getting stung by three scorpions in your bed! Oh gosh! I would just freak out if I even saw a scorpion in my house. I do know there are a lot in Texas, though, because we lived there for five years in Ledbetter, halfway between Houston and Austin. If I lived more in the foothills, I hear we would see scorpions (and a lot of other things!) regularly, and I would like to move further out toward the mountains, but I don't wish for scorpions OR snakes! I can't believe they got you three times, and not your hubby!

  4. Those are a great idea!

  5. I have blue ones! Luv them. Even wear them to work on rainy, muddy, yucky days!

  6. They look wonderful!
    Wish I had them today as it is raining here in Mississippi!
    Thanks for the link to the website to purchase.


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