Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Garden

I was thrilled to discover that while I was too occupied with other things to get out into my garden, the radishes had been busy growing! I pulled these lovelies out the other day!
They make a wonderful salad with the lettuce and spinach that I also have growing! The chickens get to enjoy the tops so all is good!
For a Kidney stone update: I went to the hospital as an out-patient to have lithotripsy done on my kidney stones on Wednesday. The Dr. was able to break up the 6mm x 10mm stone along with several others. I was able to go home that evening. The kidney is still "complaining" to me, but the pain is nothing like the initial attack! The procedure left me feeling like I got punched in the kidney! It feels bruised or tender to the touch. Yippee, there's "sand" in the toilet! (Or is that TMI!) No matter, it makes me happy!
Y'all come back,


  1. i'm just glad you have some relief! sounds incredibly painful!

    radishes look good, though!

  2. Those are some lovely radishes. That is some good news about your kidney stone.

  3. OUCH! Hope you feel better once this "passes". Beautiful veg there. I'm just itching to start my new veg garden in our new home.


  4. Cool. The only thing we have now is collards and green onions.

  5. Happy to hear that you are getting better. These are such beautiful radishes - my hubby's favorite snack!

  6. GREAT Winter veggies! How wonderful! Oh, I really feel for you having that kidney stone attack! I am so glad to hear you have had it taken care of!

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting! Yours is so interesting.We have a lot in common! ..I would love to add you to my blog list! Come by and visit again!


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