Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Bella

 This is Bella. She is the newest member of our family. A Mom of one of my students, Mrs. C, found her on the road on their way to school. Her litter mate was already run over. At first, I said that I didn't need another cat.  Mrs. C took her home. I thought about the kitty all day. I texted my husband and then called him. I couldn't believe that he agreed with adding her to our family!
 The next day was Saturday. I met the C family at the vets office to pick up Bella. She had an injured leg. The vet didn't believe that it was broken, just badly bruised. She continues to limp a bit on it, but it doesn't seem nearly as sore.
 She is so sweet and playful. She and Rascal (last years kitty rescue, more here, and here) are starting to play a bit. THAT is entertaining.
I love the way she purrs when I touch her or talk to her.

I'm sure I will be sharing many more Bella photos in the future.
Y'all come back,


  1. her black face and white eyebrows are enchanting! so cute! congrats!

  2. Oh, Lorilee....Bella is gorgeous. Look at those whiskers! I am so happy she has found a forever home with you. Our new kitty, Blue is almost 7 weeks old and slowly our other 3 cats and dachshund are getting used to her.

  3. I love her white socks and she looks like she will entertain herself.

  4. She is a sweet little girl . What a pretty face ! I am soo glad she has found her forever home with your family . Looking forward to lots of Bella photos ! Nice name to I have always liked that name ! Have a good day !

  5. The baby chicks are just so precious! I love the little black one! I wish I had a chicken coop and chicken run! I can see where that would drive the cats crazy, though! :-) Love the sweet new kitty. Glad he is fitting in.

    I bet you are so happy school is out!

  6. Just found your blog and I love it. So many things to read about, can't wait. New Follower too!



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