Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The long awaited shelf!

Yippee! One of my Valentine's Day gifts was the long awaited shelf in the garden shed a.k.a. "barn". First, we had to remove much of the barn's contents.
This is the wall that is awaiting the shelf.
David and Dustin are putting up the framework.
Dustin is giving the hammer a swing or two. (He finally got his haircut that evening. He had been waiting over a week for me to get around to it.)
I decided to give the shelf framework a weight limit test! It was a very warm day here in South Texas. I had been out pulling clover, trimming the oak tree and planting a peach tree.
The shelf is nearly done! The guys just needed to put on the plywood.
They seem to be enjoying themselves.
The final touches!
When I was sweeping out the barn, I found these little eggshells. I am wondering if they are from a Texas Spiny Lizard. Does anyone recognize them?
These clouds were on the North and Northwest horizon. They were beautiful. They were also part of a cold front that blew in just after sunset. We were just beginning to put the stuff back into the barn. It got cold fast! I didn't even get around to taking a photo of the finished shelf because I was cold!
Y'all come back!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the sky, Lorilee!
    I love your barn- that's so cute with the roosters on the door. And I can't believe it's warm enough there for you to be wearing shorts... UGH!! I'm so jealous! *LOL*

  2. Love the cloud pics!

    Can you send your boys up to Northern Nevada? My shed could use some more shelving! :)

  3. Good job on the shelf.
    Could they be snake eggs. LOL

  4. Can't imagine weather warm enough to wear shorts! The clouds are awesome!!! Get us a pic of the new shelf once its loaded with stuff. Later,

  5. Are you going to use the shelf for storage? Or more like a bench to work on? Those clouds are so beautiful. We're still pretty cold up north. Mimi

  6. I'd love to borrow your guys, too! (I have lots of projects around here!) That is so sweet of them to build you that shelf! Let us know if you find out what the eggs were from! Your cloud photos are so gorgeous!!!---they look like paintings!!! Patti


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