Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making Sausage

Saturday was sausage making day. Pop and Brian are figuring the venison and pork ratios and the total pounds for the spices.
This is my brother, Steven, mixing the pork and venison. The meat very cold, so he is wearing insulated gloves.
Barb brought out the spices ready to be added.
Steven and Brian are mixing as I add the spices.
Steven and Brian are grinding the meat.
Still grinding!

All ground and ready for stuffing!
I'm putting the casings onto the stuffers spout.
Steven is turning the crank while I guide the sausage.
Look at all that sausage!
Pop is giving Brian a lesson in his tying technique. He learned it at the Living History Farm in Johnson City.
Ready to smoke! We use Pop's pumphouse on property across and down the road as our smokehouse.
The guys hung the links on the poles.

Then they hung the poles from the ceiling.
The sausage is all hung and waiting for smoke.
Steven is preparing the hickory sawdust.
After smoking, we wrapped the sausage. Steven's youngest, Chase, joined us wanting to help! We gave him the job of putting the wrapped links into the tub.
Brian and Chase seem glad the work is done!
Y'all come back!


  1. Oh what fun!! We have never tried to make sausages, but we have killed and worked up every other type of meat known to man over the years :)))

    We had a weekend of putting up food too, in the form of 300 lbs of beef!!! Yummy!!We got it back from the meat processing plant Friday morning in all the snow and I had to can the stew meat. I had 23 1/2 quarts. It looked so good that we couldn't wait and had to open a can for our supper was yummy!!!

    Enjoy those sausages!!

  2. I would have never said this before onw, but that actually looks like FUN! And yummy too :)

  3. Mmmm nothing better than pork/venison sausage! My SIL back in Arkansas puts up sausage, but in the form of patties. I really miss that sausage!!

  4. This looks amazing - I bet it tastes very different from the storebought stuff. How many pounds did you make altogether?! Very interesting to see all the different steps that go into the finished product!!

  5. there a "sausage" season?! LOL!

    My friend's family just put up a huge amount of sausage the other week.

  6. Wow that's quite a big job! I'm sure it's worth the effort though. Must be yummy!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. What great memories you are making! I can remember my parents and grandparents making sausage when I was a kid.

  8. Looks like a lot of work but I'll bet it's delish. Mimi

  9. Many yrs ago I made sausage from the deer that we shot from hunting. What a job but it was good. Made it into patty type.

  10. I enjoyed reading and seeing the photos of how you make and smoke the sausage. I have made sausage on a small scale, but this was very interesting. What a wonderful family project!

  11. That looks like lots of work, Lorilee- but I know it's well worth it! Thinking of fresh sausage makes my mouth water!


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