Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Mom's Bike!

This was my Mom's bike. It was "used" when she started riding it as a young girl. I hope to "fix it up" someday. It is super heavy! My Mom loved it. She said it was the best riding bike ever, so it was loaded into the pick-up along with all the other newer and lighter bikes for our camping trips!

They don't make them like they used to!

I am not sure of the original color. I am thinking maybe it was dark blue. Mom painted it this color herself. I think the first step will be getting new tires.

Y'all come back!



  1. love the pics of your Mom's bike.. what a treasure!

  2. This bike is truly a treasure! I'm sure it will take you on many a pleasurable ride!

  3. I love that bike! I've been looking for one to put in my garden to grow a vine on. I'm amazed that yours still works! Your roses are beautiful. I'd keep him if I were you! Mimi

  4. Kind of like my old Singer Featherweight sewing machine, that bike is. They sure don't make them as durable as they use to. Must be why they're so heavy!

  5. What a great old bike! That's a keeper!

    I learned to ride on a bike like that only it was a boys bike. It was too big for me and I learned to ride standing up. Those were fun days!

  6. how sweet that you have her old bike!!!! they're so "in" right now too. i saw the most beautiful living room that had an old bike painted white leaning against the wall. priceless!

  7. Now that's one special bike! Those are the kind I remember from childhood, I love them because you don't have to lean waaaaaay over and you can stop them with your feet!

  8. Great bike!! Great pictures too. You should frame them!!


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