Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peep Playpen

I partly blame daylight savings time for my lack of blog postings! I find myself outside in the yard if I am home! I have also been out and about quite a bit. This is the temporary "run" that I made for the peeps. I only put them in it during the day if I am at home. It is not particularly pretty, but they seem to like it.
This is Scarlett and Buffy enjoying their first taste of sunshine. Scarlett is a Production Red and Buffy is a Buff Orpington.

Scarlett, Madeline and Matilda. Madeline and Matilda are Americaunas and several weeks older.
Matilda is checking out one of the "benches".
Scarlett is checking out real dirt!

I think this is Gretl. Liesl and Gretl are the barred rocks and the youngest of the chicks.
Matilda again!
I have been working on a new bed. I should be cleaning out the ones I already have! I did spray weed killer yesterday as a start! Of course, as soon as I mixed it in the sprayer, the breeze picked up!
Y'all come back!


  1. Hi Lorilee,
    It's been awhile since I've been and a sick husband has kept me kinda busy..more so than usual.
    I wanted to wish you and your family a most blessed and wonderful Easter.
    And a p.s. I just love all these sweet chickies...

  2. Same here; gotta stay out in the daylight and get as much done as possible! Looks like your chicks have a sweet chicky condo!

  3. How adorable, Lori! They look so happy stretching in the sunshine. Nice run, too.

    I'm supposed to get my pullets at the end of May. I'm so excited!

  4. What cute little chicks. I'm enjoying the lighter evenings too. Mimi

  5. They're such little pretties, Lorilee! It sounds like you're really going to be in the egg business soon with that many wonderful layers!
    I haven't been blogging much either, thanks to the time- it's getting daylight earlier and dark later and I'm outside almost all day!

  6. Well I don't think you need any explaination about why you have not blogged. Look at those darling little ones running all over. Who wouldn't be spending time there rather then on the computer.

    They are SOOOOOOO cute!



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