Saturday, April 10, 2010

Closer to driving!

While taking my Trailblazer through a car wash, I grabbed my camera. This was some sort of wax I think!
Doesn't everyone take photos in the carwash?

The scary thing in my life is that this one has only one short year before he can possible get his driver's license. He turned 15 and is taking Driver's Education. He actually has very nice eyebrows, but he doesn't believe in exposing them!
Y'all Come Back,


  1. I came to check up on the hens LOL.
    You always make me smile with your posts.


  2. Ha! Ha! I have one of those also! Although, mine is very, very lax about getting his license! Very strange in my opinion, but then again he told "why do I have to hurry, you can take me anywhere I need to go, right?"
    Your guy is really good looking and looks older than 15....better watch him!!!!

  3. LOL Now only a blogger would think of having a camera in the car was and taking pictures.

    You are pure proof that EVERYTHING can be turned into a fun blog post.


  4. Good car wash.
    Happy BD to the handsome one.

  5. Why can't I ever think to photograph things like that? I love sitting in the car and watching the soap cover everything.

  6. That is kindda unique. I haven't thought of that. Happy birthday to your cute son.


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