Thursday, April 29, 2010

That Crazy Chicken Lady!

Yup, it's me! I've hardly had time to get on my computer because I've been spending my evenings outside in the chicken run! I saw a raccoon in the pasture behind my garden the other day just as the sun was setting. He seemed to be watching the chickens while I was weeding. So now I feel the need to be out there as the sun is setting just to be sure they are safe!
They climb all over me when it starts to get dark. They want to go into the coop. They even go up the ramp, but Blossom is usually waiting to chase them back out again. She seems to get her thrill from sending them screeching and running for cover. Cover is me.
So if you're looking for me around sun down, just follow the sound of the frantic peeping! I'll be under the chickens!
Y'all Come Back,
a.k.a. That crazy chicken lady


  1. You're a good mom to your chickens protecting them from that nasty racoon. Maybe you should try and trap the racoon and release him far away. Do you think they want the chickens or their eggs? My dad has a fox that comes to his house every night, so he started leaving eggs for him. He grabs 2 eggs at a time and runs away until the next night.

  2. How about my husband and grandkids bringing their big ole coon dogs out there and chasing that coon away from your place? You and I could have a really good visit while they hunt!!!!!

    Good Luck keeping him at bay. I think I have a possum that has taken up residence under my coop. Maybe those coon dogs aren't that good anyway!!! LOL!!!!!

  3. Racoons can be so mean. They attacked our little dog a few years ago and she has quite a scar to prove it. Mimi

  4. lorilee, those are the cutest photos!! my honey & i were just talking about chickens for us next year.

    thanks for stopping by Old Sweetwater. my dad's doing a little better! family first (or chickens) *wink*

  5. Your chickens are handsome and hey, it looks like they like you a lot!

  6. Love the pictures! We have a racoon here too - the dog usually keeps it away but I'm afraid to leave the back door open.

  7. That is so sweet of you. I also love chickens. Have a great day!

  8. I'd be a little freaked out too. One of my friends recently woke up to see a coyote in her neighbor's yard staring at her coop! You're a good mommy to those girls, and it looks like they love you for it.

    I put up my chicken wire pen around the coop today. It's a little makeshift right now, but I think Hope!) it will keep them safe.

  9. Crazy Chicken Lady, You and your girls look like ya'll are having a blast!

  10. Love the pictures of your girls using you as a roost, Lorilee! *LOL*
    Dern those coons- they can really be a pain in the you-know-where when it comes to chickens.

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