Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fluttering Flowers!

First of all, I noticed this growing near my compost bin. It looks like wheat. I don't know how it got there.
I've noticed the Gulf Fritillaries fluttering all around my Passion Vine. I started inspecting the vine and noticed this. I think it is a butterfly egg.

I also found several caterpillars. They start out so tiny I can hardly see them. I would love to find a chrysallis but no luck there YET! I will keep looking.

I caught one of the butterflies egglaying. She looks like she's had a rough life with those tattered wings. If you want butterflies in your garden, I strongly suggest planting host plants and not just flowers for nectar. I have noticed many more butterflies now that I have Cassia (a.k.a. Candlestick plant), Dill, and Passion Vine. Cassia is the host plant for the Cloudless Sulphur, Dill is a host plant for Black Swallowtails, and of course the Passion Vine is for Gulf Fritillaries.
Ya'll Come Back,


  1. I need to go inspect my passion vine for catterpitters (kids name for baby butterlies) great post.

  2. What a cool post!!! I love butterflies! Patti

  3. Oh,yes,those caterpillers will strip a passion vine of it's leaves in no time flat! Better go check mine, too!

  4. Caterpillars are such a pain. But the butterflies are lovely. That pie recipe sounds delish. I use canned cherries (not pie filling)and love the almond extract in it. Gives it a fresh taste. I did stitch that flag thing a couple of years ago. I'll try to find the pattern and let you know the maker. Mimi


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