Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My guys or a T-shirt Ad?

Hmmm, what is today? Wednesday? Already? This was taken on Father's Day. Boy am I behind. Here in this photo, we have Coca-Cola, This Dad Rocks and Hurley otherwise known as Dustin, David and Brian. The first one is pretty much whatever is clean, the second one is VERY partial to black t-shirts and likes skulls, the last one loves anything Hurley, hence the cap, shirt and belt.
I have been staying busy-weeding and watering,doing laundry, cleaning, errands and sewing. I am working on Casserole Totes for my Bunco prizes. I hope to take some photos and do a tutorial in a few days. I've also been working on learning some of the clogging dances on the Texas Dance list. So far I've learned the dances to the songs, Amos Moses (Jerry Reed) and Bad Moon Risin' (Creedance Clearwater Revival). After I learn them, we work on them in our clogging group, along with practicing dances we've already learned.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I don't understand much of the fashion, especially the logos, etc... these days! Thank goodness, I completely understand Coca Cola... unless it means something else...

  2. Great photo of your guys. My DH is also a black T shirt guy. I keep trying to tell him he needs another color so people knows he is wearing clean each day.
    My grandson is a hat backwards.
    thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed weekend

  3. It ain't legal huntin' alligator down in the swamp boy! (I know a clogging routine to Amos Moses too - how fun!)

    Love the t's. We have an accumulation because of course, each one is sentimental.

  4. Hi Lorilee! The dancing sounds like a blast. I miss dancing especially two stepping. You asked where in Texas I was from well that would be the lovely city of Lubbock. Home of Buddy Holly, Mac Davis and Natalie Maines. I've never been to Victoria but my 2 sisters live in San Antonio. I love that area.

  5. I love your pedicure! How cute and summery it looks.


  6. Cute picture- definitely a trio of walking billboards! LOL
    Sounds like you've been extra busy- and clogging? Whew! That wears me out just thinking about it- you'll be in tip-top shape if you do that long enough!


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