Sunday, June 28, 2009

A few flowers!

A few flowers seems to be all that is left in my yard. The number of blooms is diminishing with the stifling heat and no rain! As much as I love gardening, the heat is keeping me indoors most of the day. Above is my shrimp plant. I got my start from my Mom's shrimp plant.
This is a Desert Rose. It was a gift from a good friend. It is a potted plant. I think I am hooked and want more colors. I have also heard that you can graft several different colors of plants to one main plant. That sounds awesome. Has anyone ever tried it?

I was told that this plant is called a Night Blooming Cereus. I took this photo shortly after sunrise.
The cactus looking plant is the Night Blooming Cereus. It is definitely strange looking.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Hi Lorilee,
    You can send a little sun my way. My flowers are not doing well either but not from lack of rain but too much rain. We've had 20 days of rain this month (a record for June) and all my blossoms have been knocked off by heavy downpours. The ground is saturated and I have little mushrooms growing in my flower beds from all the dampness. You have such beautiful and unusual flowers in your garden. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Loretta

  2. Ooooh those are all gorgeous, Lorilee! I love the Desert Rose, too... the colors are beautiful!

  3. I have these plants & love them. My white Night Blooming Cereus almost died from this winter but I've seen some green on it. Do you have the yellow one? My Desert Rose has not bloomed in 2 yrs. Wonder why!!! Any idea?

  4. Hi, I believe it is the Epiphyllum Strictum also called Christ in a Manger. I have it and also the Epiphyllum Pumilum and Ric Rac cactus. I was lucky enough to have both epi's blooming at the same time last year. I have a beautiful picture of both blooming. My ric rac has yet to bloom. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  5. Hi there the pictures of all your flowers and the ltitle "lesson' about butterflies. I, too, have a "Night Blooming Cereus" but it blooms during the day. I have a neighbor who has one and it ONLY blooms at night. She's into photos too so she has to go out and take pictures at 11:00 p.m to get a good pic of the flower. We make jokes that MY plant it confused and blooms at the wrong time...but I'm glad because then I get to ENJOY the bloom during the day! Ya'll have a nice long weekend!


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