Saturday, December 12, 2009

Frosty Photos

Yes, I am still behind! I took these photos last Saturday morning after the snow flurries on Friday afternoon. You Northerners are probably not very impressed, but we South Texans don't see all that much cold weather! I let the chickens out of their coop and stayed out taking photos until I couldn't feel my feet and fingers!
I love the way the frost looks up close. Enjoy the flowers because most are now brown.
I've hardly been on my or others' blogs this week because I have been so busy. My biggest project has been making 3 kilts for our upcoming clogging performance. Three of us are dancing to "Bagpipes" this coming Monday. Our clogging group is performing! We are planning several solos and a trio. We are very excited to be dancing for the local Geneological Society.

My wonderful friend and fellow clogger, Martha, has saved me by coming over on Thursday and Friday evening to help me cut, pleat and sew! She is a lifesaver. Bless you Martha!
Between being extremely busy and the rainy weather, I have not done any outdoor Christmas decorating. I am hoping this Sunday will be nicer and I can find a few hours to at least get a few lights up. My Christmas tree is full of ornaments, but I still have my boys' two small tubs of ornaments to hang on the tree.
I usually make my mini stocking ornaments for my two classes of Prekindergarteners. That means about 44 stockings. I have them cut out, but I have not begun sewing them yet. They need to be finished by Friday, December 18-our last day of school before the holidays. I will be dancing with Stars & Stripes Cloggers on Monday and Wednesday of this week. That leaves Tuesday and Thursday! HMMM can I meet the challenge? Stay tuned!
Now, I need to go and print Cookie Exchange Invitations that according to the Rules of Etiquette should have been sent out at the beginning of this week! One thing that I DO have finished is the mini apron ornaments to give out as party favors.
If anyone has any hours they can spare, send them my way! Meanwhile, enjoy the frosty photos.

Honey is shivering. She wants to know when we are going back inside.

Y'all Come Back,


  1. Honey is so cute! I love the frosty photo's...the little bird is so cute...frost makes everything to beautiful! You are so busy doing good things, bless your heart! Enjoy these ya! Come say hi :D

  2. Poor Honey! She just waiting patiently to her mommy. ;) I always enjoy your photos! I rarely comment but do check in when you have a new post.

  3. Frosty pics great, little bird and end of bottle OUTSTANDING. Two pics to add to "retirment portifolo". Love, Mum

  4. I clogged to a calypso song once, but clogging to bagpipes?! That's a new one! Will there be a video posted? (hint)
    Wanna see those kilt!

    Clogging does have some Scottish roots, doesn't it?

  5. I think I've told you before how much Honey looks like our Daisy. Almost identical. I miss her so much. I wish I could send you a couple of hours but I need every single one of mine. Sorry. Love that pic with the frosty bird. Mimi

  6. Love your frosty pictures! I think they call that Hoar's Frost. I've never been able to capture it as well as you have. If you find any more time in your day, share it with me!

  7. I just love pictures of frost. It looks so intersting. I would love to watch the crystals grow, if it were not so cold.

  8. These photos are wonderful. We don't get lots of frost because it's so dry here. I grew up by the beach, and we actually got more there, even though its far colder here. Your sweet doggie does look cold.

  9. Great frost photos!


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