Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random snapshots of Christmas!

My brothers are visiting with cousins at Grandma Bessie's house.
Some of the youngsters are heading out toward the haybales, only to be told not to climb on them!

Bug in her ladybug dress. Too cute!

My two boys changing a lightbulb for grandma-yes, it took both of them!
Honey and her new stuffed hedgehog!
Brian's new Converse shoes. He designed them on the website.

Hmm, a new camera. Could he be a future blogger? Nah, a MySpace member. He has bedhead!
Our Christmas Brunch is ready!
Y'all come back!


  1. ya'll looked like you had a wonderful Christmas and family time! Would those biscuits tasted better with FLUFF???? lol.

    The lady bug dress is sweet and two guys to change a lightbulb...i'll be good. :)

  2. Funny about the light bulb! and bug is a cutie pie with her dress..have a great year my friend..lets hope it all gets a bit more calm! Come say hi :D


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