Monday, December 7, 2009

Good-bye Fredericksburg!

After celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday, some of the family wanted to hike Enchanted Rock. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the parking lot was filled to capacity. Fortunately, there is plenty to do in Fredericksburg. Some of us decided to check out the Fredericksburg Trader Days. They have a little of everything from junk to craft items to antiques and collectibles to food.
They even have some strange and un-nerving stuff! Shudder!

I thought these were kinda cute! I only bought one little thing. I haven't gotten around to photographing it yet. I'll share soon.
I also loved the Christmas Pyramid that was on display in the square.

Main Street was also already decorated for the season.

Good-bye Fredericksburg! We hope to visit you again soon!
Y'all Come Back!


  1. looks like a fun day..loved that pyramid! Very cool~little get a ways can be so fun. Come say hi :D

  2. Never been there -- thanks for taking me!

  3. The baby heads just creap me out for some reason. I know they are popular, but {{{shudder}}} I'm sure the town was quite festive - minus the baby heads.
    As for the attic - our last house had a huge one with pull down stairs but you could stand up in most of it (7' in the center) we put in stairs and made 2/3 of it into a bedroom for the youngest kidlet and the rest was for storage but it had a regular door to walk through and you could stand up straight! Miss that. Wait until you see the door to the attic storage space here!

  4. Wow- so much stuff to see! That looks like a beautiful little town!


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