Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving-YES it was over a week ago!

Such is my life--a day late and a dollar short! We spent Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg, Texas. We actually had our Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday. Three of the nieces are attending Texas A&M and were going to the game that night. We gathered to watch it on T.V.. Well, the guys watched it while the gals visited. The guys jumped up to "give their gal a kiss for each touchdown". Cousins, Brian and Sean are pretending to be camera shy.
Eddie, Matthew, and David seem pretty intent!
On Friday, our Thanksgiving Day, Dustin got out his bow. Cousins and uncles gave archery a try!
Dustin, Sean and Brian-that looks like "What, we didn't do anything!"

David demonstrating aiming I believe.
Matthew gave it a try!
Brian and Sean decided the creekbed looked enticing.

Ah, success. They found a birdfeeder that had washed from somewhere. Later they also found a bird bath bowl.
After dark, the laptop came out,
along with Grandpa Larry's harmonicas,

and guitars! Siblings, Lindsay and Ryan are awesome!
Then Lindsay and David. There were several sing-a-alongs when everyone knew the words! I think we all knew the words to Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer" and Genesis' "Carpet Crawlers". There was also some wonderful acapella singing by Kari, Jenna, and Lindsay on the screened porch. I didn't have my camera handy! It all ended too soon!
Y'all Come Back!


  1. Sounds like a good time! I love singing together, thats how I grew up. Glad you had a happy one even if it was a bit late, it's always a good thing to be together~ :D

  2. Looks like so much fun. Thanksgiving can be celebrated anytime. It's getting the family together that counts. Mimi

  3. We grew up singing too. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving family get-together. Thanks for sharing with us.


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