Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Brother! LATE!

Happy 37th Birthday to my Baby Brother! (He was "in charge" of the keg at his in-laws anniversary. He took the job seriously.)

Here he is about to take my sweety for a ride at the Rocking HI.. (My baby, now 14 is behind them!)
Ah, memories of pouring concrete on July 31 in near 100 degree temperatures-family fun!
The same family project several weeks later. Baby Brother is on his beloved John Deere!
This photo actually should be before the previous photo! This was a "big" moment in building "the barn". That main beam had everyone worried, but it went up without any injuries! Baby Brother is on the left on the John Deere's lift basket. (He built that basket for his John Deere.)
Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Love Big Sis

Y'all Come Back,


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