Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Friday started on a good note. Brian got a ride, so I didn't have to pick him up from school. I was able to go straight to HEB for a few things. HEB made my day by having International Coffee Pumpkin Spice Creamer! Then I came home to finish up my preparations for the hard freeze. Isn't this plant cover cute. Thanks Mum!
THIS is what I found on my patio. Whomever gave them the ride, left them all at MY house. On one of our coldest evenings yet--we had experienced snow flurries all day--these teenagers decided to "play" guitars outside! (Play is in quotations because I am using that term loosely! They are just now learning to play.)
They attempted so start a fire in the little fire pit. They succeeded in making smoke~!
It didn't take long for them to get cold and move indoors. They actually asked me to take photos of them once inside. Obviously, they were in a clowning mood.
One morning, (I don't remember if it was Saturday or Sunday.) we were standing around the kitchen island eating muffins (they don't believe in sitting at the table), Brian started wildly shaking his head-I think they call it "headbanging". He then complained of a headache. One of the guys commented that it was because his tic-tac brain was being shaken around his skull!
That cracked me up! I laughed until I had tears running down my face.
I think I will now refer to Brian as Tic-Tac! giggle
Tic-Tac is the one in the "beanie" as he calls it. I call it a stocking cap! Oh, the generation gap!
Y'all Come Back,


  1. It's so great that these teenagers want to be there in your home..bet you are a fun Mom! I just love the teens, I have taught 14-17 yr. olds id Sunday school now for 7 years..love them! Come say hi :D

  2. They sure look like pros, even if they are just learning! I'll bet that was enough music to give you a headache for the ages, Lorilee! LOL

  3. I was thinking the same thing that Julie wrote. I love that my kids want to bring their friends here. I don't think things are very exciting here, but my 21yo son told me recently that his friends feel welcome here, even though they always seem to have two 9yo's hanging on them. All my boys love to goof off too, sometimes the testosterone level is through the roof!

  4. Lorilee,

    I love your cover for keeping the frost from your plants. How cute is that?

    My boys used to do the same kind of thing. My oldest just had a big fire pit and patio built at his house. He said it's like having a campfire at your house. Big difference in temperature.


  5. You're giving me a taste of what I'm sure I'm in for in a few years. Wow - they actually asked you to take photos!?? That's awesome!

  6. I think that is really something that those boys want to hang out at your house. When my boys were home, we always had a house full too. I liked it like that. I always knew where mine were, and that they were safe. Cute pictures.

  7. Enjoy those teenagers. Pretty soon they'll be all grown up and you'll miss them so much. Mimi

  8. What a blessing to have fun with your teenager.

    Stopping by to wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas.



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