Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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Honey has accepted Beasty! Life is good.
The dogs had to go for their rabies vaccinations this morning. They didn't even know they got poked! It was also suggested that they need the distemper, parvo, corona combo vaccine every 3 years since parvo is common in our town. OUCH that would be another $20 per dog. I was told that the vaccine is sold at feed stores for $7-10. THAT is much better.
After watching the lady give the dogs the rabies vaccine, I thought, that looks easy enough. I can do that. I checked the dogs records. Lexi wouldn't need it until next year. Honey needed it. So I went to the nearest feed store and purchased it. I started getting nervous when they gave me a hypodermic with a long needle for a subcutaneous injection. Also, there are two vials. One is a liquid that has to be drawn out and injected into the other vial that is a powder. They are mixed and then re-drawn out into the syringe. That wasn't so bad. It was the long needle for a just under the skin injection that had me worried!
My baby brother (37 yrs old) came to the rescue. He dropped by on his way home from work and coached me through it.
Honey never even flinched!
Y'all come back, just watch your backside! haha!

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