Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom's Taxi!

My sweety bought this little rearview mirror charm for me. My son takes it literally!

See the boys on the sidewalk!

The definition of taxi is used loosely. HE now wants to drive since he has his learner's permit.

He's kinda cute when he smiles, but WHY is he wearing a stocking cap in the heat of summer? HE calls it a "Beanie", which it is according to the definition, but it is still HOT. Oh, how he loves to drive!

Y'all come back,



  1. Hi, I just came across your blog, its pretty cool. Lots of young people here are wearing the Beanies

  2. What a sweet sweetie for getting you that cute charm. And you son is precious....oh my...he probably won't like that but he probably also wouldn't like an "old lady" like me calling him Hot! lol! Saw your previous posts and your "feathered girls/boys" are looking good. Know what you mean about it being hot...ay yi yi...Houston's scorching!

  3. Darlin' I couldn't wait for mine to drive so he could drive ME :)) and trying to figure out why young men do anything is beyond me too.
    that charm is a cutie and so is he.

  4. I loved it when my kids started driving for themselves. Especially at first because they will run any errand you want them to as long as they can drive. LOL.

  5. Hi Lorilee,
    Oh yes the mom taxi, brings back memories. When he gets that drivers licenses though, he will want to borrow the car!
    I remember my son wearing a beanie, I use to tell him I hated it, it looks like he was ready to rob a 7 Eleven. He would get mad at me for saying that until he was walking in our yard and our rottweiler saw him with the beanie cap on, he said he was going to attack him until he ripped off the beanie cap. He came in the house all upset and said, well, I guess I did look like a robber, even the dog agreed! LOL

  6. That's a funny story!


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