Sunday, June 13, 2010

As the Coop Turns!

It has been hot here in South Texas. The girls really enjoy their water. Now, I really can't call them "the girls" since my two Ameraucanas are turning out to be roosters. I can't call them Madeline and Matilda anymore. I am looking for a new home for Madeline. I will try to keep Matilda, since she is the calmer of the two. I guess I still won't be getting bluish colored eggs.
Gretl has really become very tame. She will sit and let me pet her.
Madeline is turning into a bully! He is very photogenic though!

The big girls, Blossom, Holly, and Lilly still rule the roost.
Matilda will need a new boy name. We are thinking about Rhett or Hansel.
Gosh, I wanted those bluish eggs! I also enjoy photographing them! Their faces are so interesting.
Buffy is a sweet girl. She is also very tame and likes to be petted.
They are watching my dog, Honey, out in the yard.
I bought a new shelf for the patio. Dave carried the spool I had been keeping plants on out to the chicken run. The "youngsters" love to sit on it.
Finally, Scarlet is in a photo. She is the red pullet.
Y'all Come Back!


  1. Hi there, thanks for the visit. Your chickens are all so pretty, a nice bunch. Your little girl here below is so cute! :D

  2. That spool photo brought back a lot of memories. When hubby and I both worked for AT&T, we had several all over the yard, even a huge one for a picnic table!

  3. Great shots! All so pretty and healthy looking! So now you have two roosters...what can ya do? ? What do you do to get rid of one? Since mine are still maturing I did wonder what would happen if one turned out to be a roo...what would I do about a roo?

  4. I'm looking for a new home for the reddish roo. I will try keeping the black and white one. He is the calmest of the two.


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