Monday, June 28, 2010

Brian has been begging for a kitten for some time now. His Dad said absolutely NOT. We waited and bided our time. Today was our time! Dad agreed to go to Adopt-a-Pet to look at the cats. They didn't have any kittens ready for adoption, but this kitty came forward and introduced himself. He politely asked to be petted. He won Dad over first! Dad told Brian that if he didn't choose this kitty, HE would get the kitty for himself. Brian also liked a sweet slightly younger longer-haired female. Brian was won over when he sat on the floor and this big kitty started licking and rubbing his mouth on Brian's finger. We had to leave him so the vet could remove a small cyst on his shoulder. Brian took this photo with his cell phone to be able to show his brother.

He is a handsome kitty. He is a big boy with large paws to go with his big personality! Dad and Brian want to call him "Beast".

We will introduce him to Honey and Lexi (the dogs) tomorrow. We have always gotten kittens in the past. We decided that a young, yet nearly grown cat would be a good thing with two dogs. He will be able to better stand his ground!

Y'all Come Back,



  1. He is so cute! I wish I could get a cat. I miss having one. But I don't think my two dogs would take to one very well.

    I grew up with cats and love to hear the purr they make when they are saying they love you :)


  2. That's a big ole Tabby!

    I have a 15 pound boy tabby myself...and a much smaller tortie girl...who runs him ragged. :)

  3. He's one handsome boy. My youngest son had a cat that looked very similar, his name was "Cowboy"!! Love those tabby's.

  4. My mum has cats. She has a long haired one and it needs to be groomed all the time or the coat goes all lumpy. Your new cat has lovely markings.

  5. I am new to your blog today. I was wondering if you could e-mail me where you got your feather tree that I see decorated so cute! I have been looking for a "fuzzy" one and can't seem to find one. My e-mail address is
    Thanks so much !

  6. If I didn't know better, I'd say you "borrowed" my cat Jax! Spittin image of your new one. Mine weighs about 20 lbs, has no claws at all, and still catches mice and things. But, he is a big lover too, and really likes vanilla flavored yogurt. Glad your son got one!

  7. Aw, he's gorgeous. He looks just like my childhood cat Charlie. Sniff. Sniff. :)


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