Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ranch Hands for a day!

Brian and I spent a day at "The Rocking HI Ranch" helping Pop and Barb put up a new deer blind. It was a hot day-102 degree heat index! By the time we arrived, they had already built a base for Pop's blind at "Deer Crossing".

Grandma Barb's stand also needed replacing. It didn't take long for Brian and I to tear it down.

Then we had to assemble the "stand". We had no directons, just Pop and Barb's memory of stands they saw assembled at the store.

There were LOTS of nuts and bolts, and the metal got really hot in the sun!

Trixie, Pop's dog, supervised from the shade of the mule!

Pop used his new Kubota to lift the stand into place with guidance from Grandma Barb.

The stand is 10 feet tall. I guess Brian is checking out the view!
Next, we had to get the blind onto the stand!

The job required concentration from Pop!

ALMOST there! (holding our breath)

Time to remove the strap!

Just a few more bolts and the job was DONE! Time for some shade and a cold R.C. cola!
Y'all Come Back,


  1. That looked quite a job, especially in such heat. I'm assuming thats where you go to hunt deer? I think we would call it a 'hide' here.

  2. Thats a lot of work to be doing in that kind of heat! Guess it will be a good thing come the deer hunt! Your salsa looks wonderful! :D

  3. Hi Lorilee.....thank you so much for stopping by the farm today! or I should say "my farm" for I see you do too........hilariously, the coolest thing I have seen yet on your blog after looking at posts is that Kabota - I want one more than anything!!

  4. Hello Lorilee,
    I stumbled across your blog yesterday and am looking forward to visiting with you. I am from Louisiana so we are neighbors. My husband is an avid deer hunter and really likes this deer stand. Do you mind telling me where you got it? Thanks a million!


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