Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AAAH Where do I start?

That is my feeling when I enter my classroom for the first time after summer vacation. Since I am teaching Pre-K, I have an assistant to help me out. After 18 years in Kinder without help, it is wonderful! We had the room looking pretty good after the first afternoon of work. We spent the morning in a faculty meeting. I uploaded the photos earlier this evening, but I had to stop to attend a neighborhood meeting and am just now getting back to my blog! This will probably be the way it goes for awhile for me! The beginning of the school year is pretty hectic. I am on a neighborhood committee that is trying to raise money to replace the subdivision's entrance signs. They are getting quite dilapidated and unsightly. We are having a fund raising barbecue this Saturday.
Back to the room, I will upload some "after" photos soon! Hopefully, my visitors will see it as an improvement!
Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


  1. I bet the little kids love having you for their teacher.

    You are teaching the best age. They still enjoy school. Love their teachers and say the funniest things.

    I used to teach the same ages years ago.


  2. I can't imagine all those kids without an assistant, glad you get one! have fun.

  3. Wow, I forgot how much work it is to get ready for the new year. My mother taught third grade for about 10 years before she became a high school counselor and I used to help her get her classroom ready. I know it probably looks great by now and how nice to have an assistant. Yipee!

    I know you must be a great teacher and I'm sure you'll have lots of funny stories to tell.



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