Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ready for Students! Well, almost ready.

After several days of working hard, I think the room looks much better. As the year progresses, the room gets to be a bit more cluttered. We have to spend time on rules and procedures before we overwhelm the 4 year olds with too many choices and "things". Our school uses the Success for All program developed by Johns Hopkins University. I use the part of the program called Curiosty Corner. There is a cat puppet in a basket on the corner of my desk. She is named Curiosity and introduces the topic each day. They love her! They listen best when she does the talking! I am also involved in the Texas Early Education Model program with the University of Texas. It is amazing how quickly those little minds can learn! I will be meeting many of my students at our Gator Gathering on Friday. Our school mascot is the Alligator! The Gator Gathering is a time for students to see their room, meet their teacher and bring their school supplies.
Ya'll Come Back Now Ya Hear!


  1. I just knew, that you would do a wonderful job!
    My 3 little ones, would LOVE your classroom for sure!
    Oh, by the way... You seem to be a very lovely and funny teacher too!
    Kisses Debbie Moss

    P.S- Keep up with the AMAZING work that you are doing!


  2. Lorilee,

    Your classroom is just as cute as I knew it would be. I love the pom poms on your desk and everything is just so vibrant and purposeful. I hope you get a great group of kids (I wish Carson was one of them).


  3. Gretchen and Debbie,
    Thank you for your compliments. I do try very hard to do what's best for the children.

  4. Hi Im taking a peek at your site after seeing the link on Debbies English Treasures blog. Hope you don't mind but I like your blog and going to add it to my fav blogs.
    p.s you have to be a special person to teach children, not everyone can do it..well done you for being special.


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