Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Egg!

I have been waiting for this. I first brought home my 4 chicks on April 3. I have 2 Production Reds--Lucy and Ethel, and 2 Black Australorps--Aretha and Oprah. They grew so fast. They are now about 18 weeks old. Lucy and Ethel will let me rub under their chins. They all will eat food from my hand. They have even snatched a bug from my leg! They come running any time I enter the chicken run, to see if I've brought a treat. The first egg is a bit small, but the eggs will increase in size as the hens mature. My Granny always had White Leghorn chickens. She kept the family supplied with fresh farm eggs. I really missed those. The store-bought eggs are so PALE. Now I need to make a trip to TSC to get some laying feed and oyster shell grit to keep the shells nice and hard!


  1. How cute! You need to show us photos.

    I just got home from taking my great niece to the park. We had breakfast and then feed the ducks and birds and walked the dogs.

    I love all kinds of animals. Never owned a chicken before though but would like to.


  2. Oh you lucky thing ~ There really is nothing like a farm fresh egg * YUMMERS :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by. There is a photo of Lucy further down the site. You have to scroll down pretty far!

  4. I used to keep birds, and sure miss the eggs. Lucky you!


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