Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Creative Space!

Brenda at had the wonderful idea of inviting bloggers to share their spaces for creating! Mine is definitely a "work in progress". Sadly it has been "in progress" for several years. Since my oldest son moved out we have a spare bedroom. I didn't do much with it the first year, in case things didn't work out for my son. Since I teach, I really only work on it in the summer. Last summer I did the most "fixing up". I bought the jelly cabinet and wooden rolling chair on sale at a local unfinished furniture store. I found the sewing table at an antique store. It is an old tavern table that can be disassembled without tools! I found the cutting/craft table at the local Hancock Fabrics. Everything else is just a hodgepodge of stuff we've had for awhile. I hope to get the books thinned out soon. That will give me more storage and display space. I had never used Mod Podge until I read about it on blogs! I plan to cover shoe boxes for cheap storage. I love having a place to leave my projects out and just close the door until I can get back to it! I would love to have it look nicer, but I am happy to just have the space. There is a window, although it is not pictured!
I use a laptop for my actual blogging which means Ido that just about anywhere. This morning, I was working on the patio. I also spend time on the sofa next to my husband while he is on HIS laptop.
Thanks for dropping in!
Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


  1. Welcome to the tour! I think we are all a "work in progress." Especially when we have kids at home. When they're off and gone it will be all yours! I remember making my first quilt. It was really simple, but was loved.

  2. Your room has so many things to look at! I wish I knew how to sew. My mom knows, my grandma...Never got passed on to me. :( Wow on your fabric stash! Must be fun making something and you have the fabric to choose from. And what in the world if chicken poop? ;) Thanks for stopping by too!

  3. I think we all have rooms that are a work in progress!
    My landing still waits to be finnished!
    Its been two years now, when we started to decorate it...
    Don`t worry... it will get done eventually!
    Kisses & hugs
    Debbie Moss


  4. This is too cute! But you created the one in the bed too! So I guess your "creative space" is really true!


  5. Lorilee, this is a great workspace. I love the jelly cabinet and your chair you can move all over. The shelves are great and I can't believe how much fabric you have. WOW! Your cutting craft table would sure make it easier. I have a serger I got with my sewing machine and I've never used it. Wish we lived close by so we could learn together. Great quilt too!


  6. So glad you joined in with the tour. I'm still making my way around to blogs, such fun! I am going to have to do what several bloggers mentioned-- get a timer. We, and our spaces, are a continual work in progress. How cool about the magnetic paint! And that you still have a boy at home, envy here. And your last paragraph-- my hubby and I do that all the time. :) Thanks for sharing your space.

  7. I thought I already left a comment, but I guess not. It is a great work space! Lots of room for lots of stuff!


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