Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Heat is On!

Wow, we are definitely in the HOT part of summer in South Texas. BUNCO was a success. All the new recipes were a hit. Right now I'm reveling in a house that is cleaned up for company. Too bad it can't always be this way. My sister-in-law, Marie, and I were discussing how we have to throw parties every so often so we get the house really cleaned up!
I have had some interest in my bat house. My brother and I have started a second house since our current house is filled to capacity. I am posting some photos below of a bat hanging onto the "landing pad" of the house. The landing pad consists of screening over wood. Aluminum screen should not be used because it reacts with the bat guano. If you look above the bat, you can just see the "baffles" or dividers in the house. They remind me of the panels in a beehive with a bit more room in between. The house should be mounted a specific height and facing a specific direction. I purchased the kit for my first house from Bat Conservation International. The other photo is my brother and oldest son erecting the bathouse on its pole. This requires some muscle since it is quite heavy!


  1. Lorilee, I was just thinking like you and your sister-in-law. I need to have some visitors come to my house. Nothing motivates me to clean and decorate more than when company is coming. I would invite you, but it's been averaging about 96 degrees in SC and not much cooler than you are in Texas. LOL


  2. Thanks for stopping by! The heat makes it more desirable to be inside cleaning than working out in the yard too!


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