Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frantic Sewing!

With school about to start for me, I have been in a frantic sewing mode. I am working on a gingham apron for the apron challenge. I found some adorable brown and pink gingham at Hobby Lobby. My only complaint is that there is no 100% cotton gingham locally! Sewing it is proving tricky since the gingham lines don't always run true to the grain of the fabric. I am also trying Chicken Scratch for the first time!
I found some pretty retro feel fabric at Hancock on the 60% off table. I think it was originally $8.99 a yard. The more expensive fabric definitely has a better feel to it. My husband laughs at the way I like to test the feel of fabric! My plan is to use the fabric for prize aprons for the Cookie Exchange Party my sister-in-law and I host in December. I posted a photo of the fabric further down the site.


  1. Love the name of your hen house and your blog ! Wish I could have chickens but we live in the city. One of our neighbors had them and I loved waking up to the rooster crowing but I think someone complained and I don't hear him anymore.

  2. I do live in town, which is why I only have 4 chickens and NO rooster! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Lorilee,

    I've never seen a butterfly emerge like this. I'm admiring your terrific photography and very steady hands.


  4. How fun to see that butterfly. So pretty huh?

    I wish I could sew. I would love to be able to make aprons, pillows and simple things. But sadly I have to buy them.

    I love the idea of the aprons for the cookie exchange. Wish I lived near you so I could join in.


  5. Good luck on the apron! And that motto up top cracked me up... too funny.

  6. Gretchen's great, isn't she? You sure stay busy. I use to quilt and embroider and sew all the time. But I've kind of laid that down and now primarily garden. And blog and read blogs all day! I use to covet fabric like crazy. Loved the good stuff. It is expensive, but I'd get all those fat quarters quilters buy.

  7. Hello Sweetie,
    Thanks so much for stopping at my blog!
    And bigger thanks for adding me as your favorites... it really touch my heart, that you would consider me as one of your many "Blogland" friends!
    I will do the same thing... later today!
    By the way, The sentence at the top got me in stitches.
    My 6 year old son, has just learned how to read... so, I`m considering on putting a similar sentenced on his bedroom... Hi! Hi! Hi!
    We have to teach them young!
    And show them who`s in charge!
    Kisses Kisses
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    Debbie Moss



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