Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Touring Trade Days! OK Shopping too!

We arrived at Fredericksburg Trade Days near closing time! We agreed that we definitely have to return. (It is held every 3rd weekend). We could hear live music from inside this.

Old doors, windows, columns galore! I found something here. I think I'll wait to share it after it is in its new home!

Wow, there is sure to be a treasure in there!

Bug browsing!

Many of the "booths" had already closed for the weekend.

I really liked this door!

This poor chicken has seen better days!

My brother collects Texas Beer items! This booth had plenty to look at.

Take a look at the interesting sculpture!

I have helped tear down barbed wire fences and rolled up the old wire. It is very hard to manipulate! I can't imagine making this barbed wire sphere! After leaving Trade Days we headed toward Johnson City to visit Marie's friends, J. David and Margaret Bamberger on their Ranch, Selah.

The ranch is beautiful. This is one of the many scenic sights on the way to the Ranch house. The Bamberger Ranch specializes in conservation. Mr. Bamberger built a "cave" just for Mexican Free-tail bats. He calls it his "Chiroptorium"--incorporating the scientific name for bats. He is also growing the Texas Snowbell, an endangered plant to reintroduce to areas in Texas.

We met another friend to eat. We arrived back home that evening around midnight!

Ya'll Come Back,



  1. what fun! We have Canton trade days close by, and I may just have to plan a trip this next 1st Monday!!!

  2. OMGOSH!

    I WANT TO GO! That place looks WONDERFUL! I WANNA GO!

    :::stomping up and down throwing a fit:::

  3. Wow...I didn't realize Fredericksburg had a regular trade day! Where have I BEEN!?!?!?!?!?! I MUST get that on the calendar for this year. I saw DOORs...WOOHOO!!!!


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