Friday, March 13, 2009

Clogging in the Rain!

After driving through glorious rain for 4 hours, we arrived at the Waco Convention Center.

It was not only wet, but it was cold too!

We warmed up quickly once we started clogging! We danced to "Hit Me Up" from the movie Happy Feet first. Then we danced to Ida Red by Huey Lewis and Willie Nelson.

Last of all was "Jeans On". The last one had too many new steps for me!

This is John Pryor teaching Ida Red!
After the workshops, we found our hotel and checked in. We ate and then "tried" to return to the convention center. We did stop in to check out the hours on a store called "Crop, Paper, Scissors", that according to the website carries Apronology. We will try to take a clogging break at lunch tomorrow to check it out. Somehow, after leaving the shopping center, we made a wrong turn. It took a little extra time, but we made it to the convention center again to watch the folks dancing for the "fun dance".
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time, rain or not! We're about to drown here too.

  2. What fun it must be in spite of the rain...actually I like rain.

    Roberta Anne


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