Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Purple Martin House

I recently put my Purple Martin House back up. I take it down when the Purple Martin's leave each fall. I only have 1 story. Additional stories can be added. I love how easy it is to lower and clean out! My previous house had a telescoping pole that I was unable to lift back into place. This pole has a pulley system for raising and lowering the house.
Here, I have removed the "pod" from it's mount. Sparrow and Starling nests must be kept cleaned out in order to attract Purple Martins. House Sparrows and Starlings are both non-native birds that are endangering some of our native songbirds. Come on Martins, I miss your singing!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Not really sure if we have Purple Martins in our least I've never seen one in our yard.

    So far it's just the regulars ~ scrub jays, flickers, dark-eyed juncos, sparrows & finches, robins, and quail.

  2. It is so awesome that you encourage the "good" birds!! We also try to do that in our yard!

  3. Be sure to let us know when the proper tenants arrive.

  4. I've never actually seen Purple Martins. My neighbor is trying to attract them. I hear it's kind of hard. So you have them nest there? I'm envious!

  5. Great idea. I really like the houses. Could you let us know where that particular house can be purchased?

  6. I purchases my house through the Purple Martin Conservation Association. The website is My house is the Hertitage Farms Quad Pod. The pole must be purchased separately. It is pricey!

  7. hi this is christine.
    i might sound stupid but just wondering... why does purple martin's house roof in a octagon shape? is there a special reason for it?

    im building purple martin gourds for science fair and i would really like to have your help and advice.
    thanks you. :)


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