Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday morning, we awoke to a new cold front and very high winds. There were 3 grass fires in the area. The fire causing this smoke started in a highway median and burned 450 acres. Firefighters fought it for 7 hours. Another fire started in our city park on a nature trail and burned 400 acres. The third fire was a few miles out of town. It was sparked by embers from an uncovered trash burning barrel. This fire consumed a haybarn with 250 bales of hay, threatened numerous homes and burned 75 acres. It was a few miles from my parents' home and across the highway from my brother's home. The person burning the trash was issued a citation for burning in an uncovered barrel. ( A fitted screen with holes no larger than five-eighths of an inch is required.)
While all of this was happening, eleven area junior high school track teams were involved in a meet. It began at 9:00 a.m. and was over around 7 p.m.. Brian competed in the Triple Jump. He placed 5th. A team mate placed 2nd.

It was a long and cold day. I entertained myself by taking 109 photos along with videotaping two of Brian's races.

Brian placed 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles.

He ran the 400 meter relay and their team placed third.
He also ran in the 1200 meter relay. The team placed third again.
Jace and Brian in the stands.
Some of the team-Trevor, Jace, Brian, Garrett, and Jorge. Garrett split his hand on his shoe spike during his first jump on the long jump. After getting stitches, he returned to watch the rest of the team compete.
A parting shot of the field. It became very cold as the sun went down, even with my long wool coat and scarf!
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. well I hope all is well after the fires. seems like a long day, some great pictures though. Hope your all ok, sorry havent been blogging much, too much going on, as we may be moving home in a few weeks. so a little bitter-sweet, at the moment as I love my semi rural home but my oldest girls need to be closer to their friends, and the house will have 4 bedrooms. so I appologise now and in advance, for my poor blogging.

  2. That's CRAZY about the fires. People can be so irresponsible and fire do SO much damage!
    Saturday at the track meet looks cold. It was SUPER windy in Houston and felt good in the sunshine but in the shade and after the sun went down it was COLD!
    PS: I'm with you...I drink way more Dr. Pepper than Coke but I love the Coke memorabilia! Both my parents grew up in Waco and Dr. Pepper was our soda treat (and only on special occassions!...usually in the form of a DP Float....hmmmm)

  3. Sorry to hear about the fires. I miss going to my kids sporting events. I really treasure those memories! I just don't miss sitting out in the cold and sometimes wet weather!

  4. Those winds plus a small fire can be deadly. Looks like the track meet was lots of fun. Mimi

  5. Life with teenage boys! Guess that means sitting through a lot of sports events... Hopefully the fire didn't damage much.


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