Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wanderings in Waco!

On Sunday morning, we were looking for a church service to attend. We had missed the beginning of one church service, and were attempting to find one of the student chapels. The church service times were changed because of Spring Break so we were too late again! While looking we came across the Baylor Bear Habitat. We returned to have a look after realizing we were too late for the church service.

The habitat featured two black bears. Both were snoozing peacefully!

Ya'll Come Back!



  1. Don't they just look like they would be sweet teddie bears but I guess we must respect the power of these beautiful animals.

    Have a Thankful Thursday
    from the Raggedy Roberta Anne

  2. Good Morning!!!

    Both my parents grew up in Waco and attended Baylor and then my older sister did the same. When I was young and we visited my Grandparent's in Waco we would stop by to "visit" the bears. One set of Grandparents lived in walking distance and it was so fun to walk down and check out the new cubs.

  3. They look so cuddly, when asleep. I bet it's a different matter when they're awake.

    Nice pics.

  4. Lorilee, Thanks for bring back some fantastic memories for me. Grandparents lived in Waco and would take us to the campus to see the bears. Very sweet recollections.

  5. ahhh I like those bears. sorry havent blogged much lately hun, too busy packing the house up for the move in 12 days time, will catch up soon xxxx t


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