Monday, April 27, 2009

Feathered friends? Furry Onlookers!

GASP! What do my little eyes behold?
"Well. Fluff my feathers! I never would have guessed!"

"Oh boy, toys for me to chase!"

I can't believe it. Peeps!
"We want to play too!"

"Who invited them?"

"We're not too sure about this. Our box wasn't SO bad."

"Wow, the scratching is great out here!"
I showed my sweety my photos and text. He rolled his eyes and called it "hokey". Oh, well, I can't impress everyone!
I haven't put the peeps out with the big girls full time yet. I let them spend most of the day on Sunday in the big girls' run with a separate area fenced off to hide in! I didn't let them visit after school today because we had thunderstorms. I did try to get Aretha and Ethel to go into the coop before the rain hit. They didn't cooperate. I caught one and put her in the coop. When I turned to pick up the other, the first would run back out. After nearly slipping and falling in the wet dirt, I gave up. I knew they would go in when the rain started. I just wanted to keep the inside of the coop dry since the wind was blowing into the doorway.
Ya'll Come Back,


  1. I can't believe how fast the peeps are growing! Yes they all look very interested in one another. Have a great day!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is such a cute post! and the looks you captured on the lil'peeps are adorable!!!!

  3. This was cute. I loved the photos of the peeps and the little dogs expressions.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  4. This is such a charming post. And I like Honey and Lexi (of course).

  5. How cute! My puppy chased my neighbours chickens the first time he saw them (yikes)! He was sternly told off and hasnt chased them since, thankfully! Your doggies look as good as gold LOL! X

  6. When I was a kid and we had chickens about the yard, I remember thinking they didn't seem like the brightest bulbs on the tree. But in retrospect, I'm beginning to rethink that attitude! I love your girls!

  7. Cute pictures, Miss Lorilee! I had to read back some posts to find more about you new peeps, but couldn't find what kind they were..
    Don't you just love chickies? *Sigh*.....
    I love your blog- will be back again for another visit soon!

  8. My gosh how they've grown! Well...tell you husband I like don't think it's hokey. :)


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