Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcoming the Martins!

I am so excited to have Purple Martins showing interest in my house. I think this Martin defending it's turf from the house sparrow is a good sign!

I have seen them go into the house to roost for the night, so they must be settling in! Ya'll Come Back!


  1. I went to a Purple Martin Festival in South Carolina once and it was so much fun. I loved visiting that part of the South.

    May God Bless You Today
    From Roberta Anne. . .
    The Raggedy Girl

  2. It will be so nice if it takes up permanent residence in your martin house. I've heard these birds are wonderful to have around. I say go martins!

  3. I have some neighbors who are wanting to attract purple martins. I told them I think they want to be near water. Have you had them every year? I've never had them myself. But would like to try sometime.

  4. Hi Lorilee,
    I've never seen a purple martin. It looks like you've got some new neighbors for sure. Hugs, Loretta


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