Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcoming the weekend!

I am so glad it is finally Friday. I picked up my son and 4 friends from school. Luckily, I dropped 2 off at their own homes! The other three and I stopped at the Jim's Big Burger (locally owned and wonderful) For once, I was actually not hungry, so I just ordered iced tea. I occupied myself by playing with my camera phone. They were not cooperative! Luckily, my plants can't hide. My Texas Wisteria is getting greener by the day. I am watching the flower buds closely!
I have numerous hardy Amaryllis or Hippeastrum Johnsonii in my yard. They came from my great-grandmother's yard about 40 years after she no longer lived there! The house was rented out and the yard NOT cared for! My grandmother remembers them being there when great-grandma Lillie lived there.

I can always count on Society Garlic. The first thing I did when we arrived at home was check on my peeps! All six appear to be doing well. Then I pulled out the lawnmower and evened out the backyard! It looks much better! That called for a glass of wine to celebrate and enjoy the beauty of spring!
Previously, I posted a photo of blossoms on my Satsuma Mandarin tree. Now the petals have falled off and the baby mandarins are visible!
On Saturday afternoon, I will be helping at one of the homes on the V.P.I. (Victoria Preservation Inc.) historical home tours. My sweety and I plan to tour the homes on Sunday since he has to work on Saturdays.
Ya'll Come Back!


  1. Such beautiful flowers! I am longing to see something....anything..... in my garden! This has been an unusually cool spring in NY and nothing wants to bloom. UGH! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Loretta

  2. I have yuk in my yard right now but I have hope for a better tomorrow. Your pictures are just lovely.

    Have A Spectacular Saturday
    From Roberta Anne
    "The Raggedy Girl"

  3. Love the shot of your wisteria; ours bloomed a couple of weeks ago. I hope you don't get the freeze we are forecasted to get here. I can't tell you how many times I've had those beautiful purple buds freeze just before opening.

  4. ACK! It drives me crazy to see other parts of the country in bloom! Patiences...I know.


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