Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New door!

Would you believe a sweet little Peek-a-poo did all that damage to the door?
We decided that since the door needed replacing, we would get a nicer door! Yippee, no more worrying about curtains!

Ahh, the nice new door with blinds in the window. Now if we can just keep the sweet little peek-a-poo from scratching this door. After we paint it, we plan to put a "kick plate" on it and possibly even something on the doorframe. The darling doggy sitting there is Honey. She is NOT the guilty party. She knows to bark when she wants "in".
Ya'll Come Back,


  1. Maybe a doorbell placed really low. What a cute puppy and your door is really nice.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl

  2. Maybe you could put a small piece of clear acrylic over the door frame to protect it. My dad had 7 dogs and the little ones would push up against the screen door so he put the acrylic up and it worked great. It will get scratched up after a while though and will need to be replaced. Honey is a cutie!(and a good girl for not scratching:)Hugs, Loretta

  3. Oh dear I have a puppy like that! Hes so small he has started to come in through the cat flap if I take too long to let him back in, only problem is if he can get in then he can also get out when Im not here, so at the moment he has to go everywhere with me! I like your new door X

  4. Great door! It's like botox for your house.

  5. That's such a lovely door! I really like it. Yes, dogs certainly have a way of taking over the house and putting their mark on it, our Greyhound doesn't scratch, but he does leave a constant stream of dribble from the kitchen to the lounge when he carries his treats.


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